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Standard Monthly Membership ($79.99)


The Standard Monthly Membership includes access to my private twitter feed, a weekly newsletter, trade ideas, and educational content. Additional details on each component are listed below. There is no commitment, and you may cancel anytime before your next billing cycle. 6 and 12 month discounted memberships available. Please reach out for more information on extended membership options.

Private Twitter Feed 

  • Regular, daily updates on the indices & stocks I follow during market hours
  • Nightly $ES, $ES_F futures levels updates and analysis
  • High probable trade set ups/ideas alerted in real time in my private twitter feed 

The chart/analysis is given. I then post in real time in the feed when I am going to enter a trade along with take profit or cut the position.



Weekly Newsletter 

  • Detailed analysis, wave counts and levels on the indices & stocks I follow
  • Key invalidation highs or lows that dictate future direction of market
  • Focusing primarily on $ES $SPX & popular traded names like $TSLA / $ROKU with high probable trade set ups.
  • Newsletter is posted on private blog feed that is released on Sunday and is further updated each Wednesday evening.
  • I update $ES $ES_F levels along with an in-depth analysis nightly/projections/wave counts.

Trade Ideas

  • Trade alerts/ideas
  • Include areas of interest in the chart(short and long) for entry
  • Invalidation points(STOPS)
  • Targets
  • If a high probable trade set up presents itself ($AMZN $BA $NFLX etc.) I will include that in private twitter posts

Educational Content

  • Access to my educational posts
  • These explain the thought process that go behind my analysis
  • identifying key imbalances and using wave theory in confluence to gauge market direction

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