Why KT Technical Analysis?

My goal is to provide educational content and a plan for my users to improve the way they trade and analyze the financial markets from a unique, non-traditional point of view. Price only moves for one of three reasons: supply exceeds demand, demand exceeds supply, or it is in balance and moves sideways because price is in AGREEMENT. Using candle stick analysis in conjunction with my style of technical analysis, I am able to anticipate market movement in the underlying with accuracy, and more importantly, DEFINED risk.


Who is this service for?


  • Active Day Traders
  • Swing Traders
  • $ES futures / $SPX traders
  • The individual trying to gain an edge on the market by learning advanced technical analysis
  • The individual looking for a BLUEPRINT to follow in terms of key levels in a price chart
  • The individual who wants to learn the power behind using multiple technical analysis techniques and combining them and looking for confluence within them

Who is this service not for?


  • The individual trying to get “rich” quick. Trading is a job so it is to be treated like a job. The get rich quick mentality will lead to blown accounts and emotional instability
  • The individual who wants to be spoon fed, my goal for this service is to educate and provide a blueprint on the markets

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