My name is Kris, I am a 28 year old trader living in Chicago, Illinois. Happily engaged as of September ‘19 with two fur children.

I have been involved in the markets since I was 18. I found success after trying a variety of different technical analysis techniques. From moving averages, to bollinger bands, to floor pivots….they worked but they did not produce CONSISTENT results and I lacked a rule-based system where I could apply certain criteria to a trade entry, exit, target and protective stop. The lack of plan and structure forced me to eat a cumulative total of about 300k in losses (that I got lucky on from winning on penny stocks) when I entered the financial markets. Trading isn’t easy. The goal is to make it robotic and follow a system that produces consistent results while minimizing risk.

Using a combination of different technical analysis strategies such as supply and demand/wave theory/Fibonacci has been a technical advantage, and opened my eyes to the simplicity of the market. Trade like a contrarian. If the majority of traders lose money, why would someone want to trade like the majority and follow majority consensus. It allows me to trade and think like an institution would. Pairing this type of technical analysis with wave theory is what has taken my trading to the next level.

After logging my ideas and trade plans via twitter (@korinek_trades) I gained a large following by being transparent and educating the public on the methodologies I use to trade. As an avid trader and one who loves to teach, this platform gives me the opportunity to give a more thorough analysis on my opinion on future market direction. It also gives me the ability to teach my members through educational content how I am able to project movement in the market with a high degree of accuracy.