Some helpful resources online

Free Elliot Wave book ā€”>


Another video on supply and demand by tradeciety for further educating on S/D. He does a good job and keeping things simple and zooming out, looking at the big picture, staying patient and waiting for quality FRESH zones.


Another great article by tradeciety – some BASIC concepts but more free articles that explain some key concepts I teach.



Some important candlestick patterns to become familiarized with. An example is the power of confluence. If you see a BEARISH candle print after a rejection out of a major level of supply, that adds to the probability of the zone working and you being able to identify a structure high (or low) that can ultimately define your risk.



Great kindle book that has the wave patterns along with specific rules within those pattens. Very helpful. These are the diagrams I sometimes post along with my analysis. It is called Elliot wave pattern cheat sheets.